New Website!

I have another website! i will still be checking on this one and stuff but my new one is my main one! its! on there i have adoptions and more animal crossing stuff! please leave a message on the c-box and/or the guest book if you can!


Hi! Welcome to Dalmutt! Dalmutt is a website about my pets and stuff, above is a picture of my favourite pet, Pheobe! she's a Dalmutt! (half mutt half dalmation)


Dalmutt has new videos added to it on the 'My videos' page! and a new subject will be coming soon! animal crossing! (Dalmutt will still be about petz aswell!)



contact me

If you want to contact me, My email is, if you want me to answer back please include your email so i can, you can send improvments for Dalmutt or just chat. (you dont have to include your name if you dont want to)