Petz 5 is a PC game where you adopt little petz whether they are dogz or catz and you give them a name, feed them, bathe them, play with them, breed them and watch them grow up. (go onto youtube and type in petz 5 to see what its like)

This video will tell what you can do with petz and what its about (its petz 2 not petz 5!)


Some cheats for petz 5 are petzA and some websites that may have petz available for download, but not just dogz and catz, birdz, cowz, dragons, werewolvez, horsez and much more! a website like that would be www.minibytepetz.net (above is an amazon parrot) to get petzA you type PetzA into google, then click sherlock software read the feature (or skip it) then on the bottom of the page, click download page. When your on the download page, click on one of the options that is the best for you (first one recomended) then follow the download steps (or skip them) and soon your finished. It dosent screw up any petz games, if it does then im so sorry! With petzA you can bring out more than 2 petz, make them younger or older, force breed them, make a pregnant pet give birth right away, gender change and more