This is my favourite pet, Pheobe she's a Dalmutt

Mum and dad

This is her mum and dad, Dipper(dalmation) and Truffle (mutt)


These are friends, Cinders 2(russian blue) and Frizz!(calico)

Best buddy

This is Pheobe's best friend, Maxy! his parents are Cinders 2 and Frizz. He is a Russian Calico.

Another best buddy

This is Lannie, she's really sweet and loves to play! she has a lot of family history. She's really special.

Maxy's new friend!

This is Tan! she's so pretty isent she? yeah....she's really special too!

Pheobe's new friend!

This is Rascal! he is a bouncy, jumpy very playful little black dachshund! he became an adult on 13th march 2008

not dogz, or catz!

these two are Scamper and Splodge! they are gerbils that i downloaded off of pinecone cattery! they are really cool, jumpy and frisky!

a bird!?

This is Gizmo! he is a parrot i downloaded off of pine cone cattery! he acts like a cat and is friends with the gerbils, scamper and splodge!