My petz

This is a video with all my petz on it! sorry it is sideways at the beginning, i didn't notice it would be sideways. My bad...well, anyway, Enjoy!

wii dogz- flag racing

This is a video of me and my dad flag racing on my favourite wii game! Im the beagle (right) and my dad is the yorkie (left) and in the backround is also my dad! lol!

Ollie's SS hotel

Here is a tour of my hotel on Animal crossing wild world (i dident make this my wifi buddy did! she is the girl with red hair! her name is charlote) if u want to come see SS hotel here is what you need:

name: Ollie

town: sea side

code:  3308-3232-9126 

pigeon funeral

this was a pigeon that i found dead next to my dads car (he dident run it over, but he nearly ran over the body) i thought that we should do a funeral for him because that would be the best thing to do. this wasent supposed to be comedy, but my brother ruined it! :(, R.I.P

My town on acww (animal crossing: wild world)

This is my town sea side on acww! if you want my friend code its on the description of the 'Ollies SS hotel' video, please add me and email me so i can add you! enjoy! (the music in the backround was 'Rockstar' by 'nickleback' :)