These are secrets and facts about petz (facts are about all of them and secrets are about my petz)

1. (fact) full grown dalmatians, german shepards and great danes (sometimes mutts) are a nightmare to feed!

2.(secret) i feed and play with all my petz every single day

3.(secret) when i feed my petz i feed them catz first, then dogz

4.(secret) Tan an Maxy are best friends but sometimes they are worst enemies!

5.(fact) apparently if you spay/neuter a pet it will either get less angry against others or more angry!

6.(secret) In ALL my petz games that ive had on all the computers our family had, I have always had a dalmatian called Dipper!

7.(secret) All my dogz's fav toy is the frizbee and all my catz's fav toy is the cat dancer

8.(secret) Lannie's and Truffle's best friends are catz! (Lannie: Maxy  Truffle:Cinders 2

9.(secret) Cinders 2 is called "Cinders 2" because on my last petz game that crashed i had a russian blue called Cinders with a litter of 4 who dident make it to kittenhood!

10.(secret) Frizz hates his son, Maxy!

11.(fact) If you ever want a new breed of dog or cat then go to minibytes (website address on "my fav websites" page) You can get dobermanz, beaglez, multicoloured dogz, wolvez and werewolvez, Jaguarz, cheetahz and multicoloured catz, dragonz, eaglez, parrotz, cowz and much, much more (even playscenes but i wont make a list of them! lol)