Any shows that take place in Dalmutt will be shown here (obviously!) and you can take part in them if you follow the rules!

Cute contest

This is a cutness contest, if you want to enter, please email me (my email is on the home page) please include your email address and the cute picture you want to send (dosent have to be from petz 5) it can also be a funny photo

This is what your email you send me should look like!

Name: (if you want to)

Email address:


and add the picture! and maybe the pet's name if you like.

When you send me your picture...

When i get picture, I will put them on the "show pictures" page. Then you can vote on the cutest or just the one you like best. The picture that wins, will get an email saying they've won and will get a prize! 


If you want to enter and you want your picture to show up on the show pictures page you have to follow these rules:

1. You must only send 1 picture.

2. It cannot be anything rude or effending.

And thats about it really, i hope you enjoy the show!

How to vote:

To vote, you just simply email me and say what the picture you like is called and who its from. Remember you are voting for the one you like best or the cutest. All of the pictures sent to me will have a title of what it is called and who it is from (i will just say its from the first part of thier email address, e.g if i sent one it would be from "Frisset"

Spot the animations

This is a "spot the animations" contest. What you do is you try to find all the animations on Dalmutt and you email me saying how many there are. If you have the correct answer you will get a prize nd a email saying you got the answer right.

Which is which?

Can you guess which one is Pheobe? just email me along with your email and saying if Pheobe is the left or right.